Streamlined Turnover

Simplify lead management from multiple listing sites with ease. Streamline your workflow, save time, and grow your portfolio with PortfolioBay.


Manage leads from multiple listing sites

You can manage leads from Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads,, and any sites where you published the showing link all in one place.


Automate pre-screening questionnaire

You can avoid asking the same questions by automating your pre-screening questionnaire. So, you can focus on prioritizing the most promising leads.


Streamline vacant unit turnover

Manage rental leads from multiple listing platforms in one dashboard
Pre-screen prospects efficiently and prioritize the most qualified renters


Automate screening response

When declining a request, you can choose from a list of valid reasons, and PortfolioBay will generate a professional email response, making fair-housing compliance on autopilot.


Get the most qualified tenants

Our turnover flow is designed to get you the most qualified tenants, a critical piece in making your rental management experience more passive over time.

Other FAQ

Yes. While most landlords list vacancy online these days, many continues to use offline marketing, such as a for-rent sign, to maximize the exposure.

PortfolioBay generates a for-rent sign with a custom QR code linking to the unit detail page and showing request form, seamlessly connecting online and offline leads.

The renter, first, completes a showing request, which has a few basic pre-screening questions along with the desired showing time.

Based on the pre-screening answers, the landlord may approve or decline the showing requests. If the landlord declines a showing request, a valid reason must be selected, and PortfolioBay automatically generate a professional email response.

If the landlord approves the showing request, a rental application link is sent to the renter. After the scheduled showing, the renter can decide whether to complete the application or not. The landlord can approve or decline the rental applications similar to the showing request.

PortfolioBay ensures compliance with fair-housing law in all communications, except when the landlord providing custom comments in responses.

No. PortfolioBay does not make any leasing decision on-behalf of the landlords, but we focus on making the process streamlined and efficient. We gather and present factual data to the landlords for leasing decision.

No. We do not charge any insertion fee or application fee because we believe in having alignment of interests with end users (landlords).

Any service charging money for a turnover would create incentive to shorten the leasing cycle unnecessarily.

It's up-to you to decide on whether to charge an application fee or not, and make sure it's in compliance with local laws regarding the amount and return policies.

On the dashboard, the data is retained for up to 30 days. But, it does not mean that your data is deleted from our server after that. If you need older data (for example, in the case of pending litigation), we can provide you the raw leasing data as support material.