Showing Scheduler

Effortlessly schedule property showings with minimal communication using our pre-screening process. Save time and streamline your property management.


Work around your schedule

Set your availability once, and just let renters select a showing time without having to coordinate time with every prospect.


Minimize communication overhead

Automated scheduling, re-scheduling, cancellation, reminder, and confirmation save your time from tedious coordination overhead.


Schedule showings without coordination

Set your availability once and manage showings effectively
Showing coordination, reminder, and confirmation on autopilot


Individual or group showing

Whether you prefer individual showings or group showings, showing scheduler can make it easier to coordinate with prospective renters.


Send reminder every time

You never have to deal with no-show appointments again. Automated showing reminder confirms the showing with the prospects automatically.

Other FAQ

Yes, you can manage multiple turnover simultaneously and PortfolioBay will block out time slot for scheduled showing to prevent double-booking of your time.

If you opt for group showing, PortfolioBay will make sure that showing times for different properties don't conflict.

Two hours before the scheduled showing time, PortfolioBay will automatically send out text reminders to the prospective renter. The renter needs to click on a link to confirm the upcoming showing. The landlord can also trigger additional reminders through the dashboard.

If the prospective renter confirmed the showing, the landlord will see the showing status updated. Otherwise, the renter may also reschedule or cancel the showing if things have changed.

PortfolioBay would send multiple reminders to the renters leading up to the showing. Only rarely will you get a renter who ignores all the reminder, and at that point, it's generally a bad sign.

In addition to your general availability setting, you can also configure the minimum lead time required for any showing requests.

For example, if you set the minimum lead time to be 4 hours, the earliest time that a renter can schedule for a showing is 4 hours from the request.

In practice, individual showing leads to higher conversion rate into renter applying for the unit. But, if you were dealing with many units and large showing volume (for example, student rental in certain months), group showing would be more efficient.