Mobile Receipt Scanner

Say goodbye to paper clutter and hello to organized receipts with built-in receipt scanner. Easily turn paper receipts into digital archives on-the-go.


Receipt scanner in your pocket

Our algorithm turns your smartphone camera into a mobile document scanner, so you can scan a paper receipt in seconds anywhere you go.


Bookkeeping compliance in seconds

Per IRS standard, all expense receipts over $75 needs to be archived. Our solution is the quickest way to archive receipts and add expenses.


Digitize paper receipts in seconds

Efficient mobile scanner to archive expense receipts
Effortless compliance solution for all expense records


Smart search receipt details

Scanned receipts are automatically processed to extract searchable information. So, you can search every receipt detail without doing manual annotation.


Cropped and clean format

Receipt images are automatically cropped, perspective corrected, and enhanced, so, they feel like native digital documents, not just pictures.

Other FAQ

No, we won't clutter your phone with another app. This feature is part of PortfolioBay web app, and it works directly on your browser. However, you will only see this feature on a mobile device with camera, not on a desktop.

Not at all, you can scan and store as many receipts as you want. In fact, we also offer a version of this feature as a free tool for you to digitize documents and download it to your phone.

The output will be in black-and-white to minimize storage space, but our enhancement algorithm works to preserve all useful information from the scan.

It's completely up to you. For compliance purpose, digital copies of the original receipts would satisfy the requirement. So, even if you lose it later, it's not going to be a problem.

It's as fast as taking a picture on your phone. Our processing algorithm runs in near real-time, so the whole process of digitizing a paper receipt can happen in seconds.
While expense notes are searchable immediately, it may take up-to 8 hours for the receipt details to become searchable.