Remote Management

Effortlessly delegate showing and repair coordination tasks from anywhere with PortfolioBay. Simplify your property management workflow and save time.


On-demand task delegation

Outsource showing and coordination tasks to professionals on demand, so you are never tied down by your properties.


Maximum flexibility for landlord

Flexibly combine self-management and outsourcing to achieve desired lifestyle and financial outcome.


Delegate tasks anytime and anywhere

Self-manage rental portfolio with maximum lifestyle freedom
Delegate tasks on-demand without expensive management fee


Cost-efficient management solution

Achieve passive cash flow through flexible delegation without paying hefty property management fees each month.


Real lifestyle freedom

Enjoy the lifestyle of freedom as a landlord by selectively outsource tasks while maintaining healthy bottom line.

Other Considerations

Primarily the unit showing and repair coodination.

PortfolioBay focuses on providing the landlords with the option to delegate those tasks that would require them to be physically onsite, typically unit showing and certain repair coordination if the unit were to be vacant. By freeing up the need for physical presence, more flexibility and freedom can be obtained.

This is completely up to you to determine. As you create an offer for local pros, you will need to decide on your offer amount.

Typically, a showing job would cost around $50. On average, a turnover would go through 5 showings, costing around $250, which is a fraction of the cost compared to the fees charged by property management for filling a vacancy, which is typically one month's rent.

PortfolioBay screens and interviews anyone before adding them into the list of eligible pros. PortfolioBay requires them to have a valid real estate license or to be a certified property manager.

For real estate agents, it could be more than a gig job. It's an opportunity to build a network and relationships with successful long-term investors.

For property managers, it can help them to build relationships with investors early on. So, when the investor's portfolio reaches a certain size that they no longer need or want to self-manage, they can use the property manager they've worked with to fully manage those properties.

Typically 1 to 4 hours, but it really varies based on your offer amount and the number of eligible pros in your area that are open at that specific timeframe.

Property management deals with all the aspects of your rental portfolio at a significant cost, while PortfolioBay only helps you to delegate those things that require your physical presence on-demand. PortfolioBay, at its core, is made for self-managing landlords, and the purpose of on-demand delegation is to maximize lifestyle freedom and flexibility while maintaining good cash flow.