Document eSign

Simplify signature collection with minimal setup. Our tool makes it easy to gather signatures from multiple parties quickly and efficiently.


Sign any document online

Designed to work just like using a pen on papers, and can support any PDF document template you upload.


Minimum setup needed

The workflow mirrors the real world document signing process, and there is nothing new for you to learn.


Request multiple signatures with minimum setup

Get signatures for any document from multiple parties
Secured tamper-proof signature for signed documents


Easy signature review

You decide on signatures from each signer, and can be reviewed, accepted, or rejected them separately.


Secure and tamper-proof signatures

All signed documents are generated with a tamper-proof digital signature to prevent tampering and changes.

Other FAQ

By default, you can have up-to 4 signers, not including yourself, for each document.

You need to upload a PDF document as the template. If you are using Microsoft Word to create the template, you can simply export it as a PDF and use it for uploading.

Almost none. You, first, add your own signatures to the document, then, optionally, use a highlighter to highlight any fields needs to be signed by others. To highlight an area, you just select the highlighter tool and click on the document. Lastly, you just enter the email addresses for requesting other's signatures.

You are able to highlight the signature added by each signer. If you are satisfied with the signature, you can simply accept the signature from the sign.

Sometimes, a signer may have typo or unreadable signatures, and you can simply reject the signature. This clears their existing signature and PortfolioBay will notify the signature to sign the document again.

With digital signature, it is important to have an encryption-based way to verify the genuineness of the document. Each signed document will have a unique digital signature, which is based on the content of the file, embedded into the file. So, if the file were to be changed, we will be able to tell. Of-course, you can still copy and rename the file, just not the content of it.

You can verify the genuineness of your document at