Assistant Account

Effectively manage large rental portfolios with delegated responsibilities. You can easily create assistant accounts and control their viewing and editing permissions.


Self-manage large portfolio

Delegate tasks to assistants to make the management of rental properties more cost-effective, less time-consuming, and easier to scale.


Complete access control

You can fine-tune the viewing and editing permissions for each assistant account for differentiated responsibilities.


Invite assistant to manage scalably

Invite and onboard new assistant in less than a minute
Control assistant account viewing and editing permission


Privacy protection

Any pages containing sensitive financial or personal information (such as fund routing settings, financial information, etc.) are invisible to the assistant account.


Easy and fast onboarding

It takes less than a minute to create an individual access, onboard your assistant, and start managing the properties.

Other Considerations

"For example, you can turn off the financial report page so that the aggregated financial data will not be accessible to your assistants. Another example is that you can also turn off property editing permissions, so your assistant cannot modify property information or move a property between different business entities.

You can create as many assistant accounts as you want.

No, we only verify the identities for the primary account holder as well as business entity owners. Assistant account access is considered impersonated access and does not require any extra verification, therefore, you should never add someone that you don't know in real life as your assistant.

Of course, you can remove an assistant's account access just as easily as removing an expense entry.

No, it's all included in the subscription you already pay.