Landlord Vacation Mode

A simple yet powerful toggle switch designed to protect you from unexpected maintenance, allowing you to relax and enjoy your personal time without worries.


Travel anytime anywhere

Landlords no longer have to worry about extended travel and being out-of-state, because we can help handle all maintenance issues while you are away.


Flexible repair budget

You can set a pre-approved budget for smaller repairs, and let us quote you on the larger repairs for the most passivity, flexibility, and control.


Enjoy vacation without worries

You are just one toggle away from a worry-free vacation trip
Keep the tenants happy and properties maintained at all time


No standby cost

Activating vacation mode incurs no standby costs. You are only charged for actual maintenance and repair services provided.


Instant availability

Onsite service is seamlessly integrated with tenant maintenance requests, ensuring that the tenant and property information is readily accessible and the landlord no longer needs to coordinate each service.

Other FAQ

If the repair is urgent, such as with most plumbing issues, we will attempt to perform a limited service or repair to address the immediate needs and prevent the problem from worsening. We will then propose a full scope of work to the owner for approval.
If the issue is not urgent, we will contact the owner to propose the repair service.

Of course. Even when you activate vacation mode, you will still be looped into all the standard maintenance request notifications, and you will be able to track the status of onsite services on your dashboard.

Nope, maintenance and repair services provided through vacation mode are priced the same as those requested using the regular onsite service form.

Yes. By design, the tenant must submit the maintenance request online for our system to quickly determine service needs. Alternatively, the tenant can email support to request maintenance, and we will determine the service eligibility by checking the landlord's vacation mode. However, a $25 convenience fee will be charged for these non-standard workflow requests.

For short leaves (of a few days), $500 is a reasonable amount to cover nearly all minor issues and provide a stopgap solution for more significant problems. For longer leaves (spanning weeks), you can set a budget ranging from $1,000 to $1,500, depending on the condition of the property.