Finding Tenants for Unit Turnover

Whether you screen tenants yourself but outsource showings, or seek comprehensive help finding quality tenants, we're here to assist.


Manage turnovers anywhere

You can manage communication, screening, and delegate property showings through us, or you can opt for comprehensive tenant placement services.


Up-to 80% cost saving

Compared to traditional property management services for tenant placement, it costs up to 80% less to find a quality tenant without you ever having to set foot on the property.


Find a quality tenant

Effortless turnover management for hybrid landlords
Unparalleled cost-saving and flexibility for investors


Reduced vacancy period

By combining our onsite services for maintenance repair and tenant placement, you can minimize property vacancy, thereby maximizing your operating income and property value.


Guaranteed tenant quality

Tenants sourced through our tenant placement service come with a guarantee against rent default and are assured not to prematurely terminate their lease within a specified period

Other FAQ

As you pre-screen leads and set up showings, you can delegate the task of showing the property to us. We will open the door and guide the prospect through the property. Typically, for vacant units, landlords place a lockbox onsite and include the combination in the showing instructions.

By leveraging our partnerships with qualified real estate professionals, property managers, and attorneys, we are equipped to manage the listing, communication, showing, screening, and leasing processes on your behalf. Typically, this service is charged at the rate of one month's rent.

When you submit a custom request for both turnover rehab and tenant placement, we will prioritize the rehab schedule and seamlessly coordinate the efforts to find your next tenant.

For tenants placed through our tenant placement service, we offer a guarantee that the tenant will not default on rent payments within the first X months and will not move out within the first Y months. Both X and Y depend on the specific property and neighborhood. For example, a property near a university may have a higher X and a lower Y.

Each showing costs $40, and you will not be charged if the prospect cancels before the appointment. However, if the prospect confirms the showing but does not attend, you will still be billed for the scheduled showing.