Economy of Scale for Landlords

Even smaller landlords get to enjoy all the convenience and benefits of owning a much larger portfolio by leveraging the scale of the platform.


Reliable onsite service

Are you being ignored, or are you unsure about who to call for service? While individual contractors may come and go, we, as a business, can always deliver services reliably.


Fast service response

We understand that providing prompt service is key to ensuring a stress-free experience for landlords. That's what we are committed to delivering.


Join us to benefit from the platform

Get all the benefits of owning a larger real estate portfolio
Set your rental real estate portfolio on scalable foundation


Lower maintenance cost

Our platform secures better deals for contractors and services through economies of scale, and we pass those discounts and savings directly back to our users.


One-stop shop

You can manage all rental property maintenance needs in one place at competitive prices, as opposed to maintaining a long roster of contractors whom you may only call once a year.

Other FAQ

Yes, most emergency services are handled on the same day.

There are three ways to submit an onsite service request:

  • Visit the Onsite Service Request Form. If you are not logged in as an active user, there will be an additional convenience fee for each service requested.
  • When using our software for rental management, it takes only a few clicks to redirect a maintenance request from a tenant to us as a service request.
  • For new customers using the onsite service, we also accept requests via direct phone call at (844) 616-1018 should you have any questions.

For example, a typical handyman might charge you $75-100 per hour for occasional work. However, if you have enough work to hire him full-time, the hourly rate could drop to $40-50, since he no longer needs to spend time searching for different customers. As a platform, we pass some of the savings back to the landlords. This is just one example of how you can save money by managing maintenance services through our platform.

Normally, after you submit a service request, we will place a $50 hold without actually charging you anything. Then, we will get back to you with a project estimate. If you are okay with the scope and cost, we will then schedule the actual work. If you have vacation mode enabled, we will simply check if the cost is within the pre-approved budget.

Generally, we prioritize services based on the actual urgency first. Other factors also include the customer status and scope of the service. Customer already on the rental management platform will get a faster service because there is less communication overhead required, and projects affecting turnover timelines are also prioritized to minimized unit vacancies.