On-demand Maintenance & Repair Service

The comprehensive one-stop shop dedicated to resolving all maintenance and repair issues faced by landlords efficiently and effectively.


Comprehensive services

We offer comprehensive maintenance services that include but not limited to handyman, plumbing, electrical, drywall/plaster, flooring/carpet, doors/windows, painting, and so on.


Emergency issues

Urgent services are promptly delivered at a moment's notice, ensuring stress-free emergency handling for landlords and complete satisfaction for tenants.


Manage rental maintenance effortlessly

One-stop property maintenance solution made for landlords
Stress-free experience for landlord and keep tenants satisfied


Renovation and rehab

For larger projects like heavy turnover, rehab, and remodel, simply inform us of your expectations, and we will manage everything from start to finish.


Zero-overhead coordination

Onsite service is seamlessly integrated with tenant maintenance requests, ensuring that the tenant and property information is readily accessible and the landlord no longer needs to coordinate each service.

Other FAQ

Yes, but the cost may vary between users and non-users. Using our landlord software not only makes it easier for you to delegate onsite services, but also enables us to coordinate repairs more effectively, allowing you to enjoy our services at lower costs.

Sure, you can always include additional instructions in your requests. In situations where we can provide service both faster and more affordably, we will reach out to you for quick confirmation.

Not necessarily. For maintenance issues submitted by tenants through the platform, we can manage communication and coordination directly with the tenant to gain access and carry out the work.
It is also common for landlords to install a lockbox and share the combination in the service request instructions, ensuring more reliable access, especially when tenants are working or away.

Depending on the type of project, some may require an electrical or plumbing permit. When required, we will ensure that the proper permits are obtained and all work is code-compliant.

Yes, you can request a move-out unit inspection for no more than $100. We will provide you with a list of potential repairs and cost estimates. After reviewing the list and deciding on the scope, we can handle the entire turnover rehab until the unit is ready to be rented again.