Our Vision

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. We share our visions of the future for like-minded people, and companies to work toward a common goal.

On one side of the curve, for an investor to self-manage 3 units, even without streamlined processes and tools, there is no need to pay expensive management fee for a professional property management. On the other side of the curve, an investor owning a large portfolio, likely, does not need property management service either. Because of the economy-of-scale, it's far cheaper to hire a full-time manager than to pay management fees.

So, how can an investor grow from one side of the curve to the other? Currently, using a property management service may seem the only feasible option. But the disadvantages of using a property management service is that it drastically reduces your cash flow and does not prepare you for running a successful rental business.

PortfolioBay aims to bridge these two ends by making self-managing rental properties more streamline and scalable. We are striving to achieve a more flexible and free lifestyle for investors at a significantly lower compared to traditional property management solutions.

PortfolioBay Founders