For Self-managing Investors

Unlike other tools that focus on management features and market to both landlords and property managers, PortfolioBay exclusively caters to self-managing landlords, providing optimized solutions that cover a broader lifecycle of real estate investment. Our platform assists users in various aspects, from finding properties and analyzing deals, to day-to-day management and gaining portfolio-level insights. In other words, PortfolioBay is dedicated to ensuring success throughout your investment journey as an individual real estate investor.

Our Specialty

Our product is optimized to efficiently handle portfolios of up to 120 units, accommodating various ownership structures such as personal ownership, LLC, and Trust. Software that attempts to target both landlords with tens of units and property managers overseeing hundreds of units often involves compromises, which is not the case with PortfolioBay. Therefore, if you are a self-managing investor, especially one who is still expanding your portfolio, there is no better solution available than what PortfolioBay has to offer.