About PortfolioBay

As you may have heard, 90% of millionaires became so through owning real estate, and owning rental properties is the most obtainable and rewarding way to start your real estate investing journey. PortfolioBay aims to simplify the self-management aspect of owning rental properties for individual investors.

Our Story

Our founders created PortfolioBay as a tool to better self-manage their own rental portfolio. Over time, it has gain traction from the self-managing landlords who are looking for a more passive and scalable rental management system. Since then, it has become PortfolioBay's mission to facilitate the long-term success of self-managing landlords.


Our company was initially funded by the real estate cash flow of our founders. Being a self-funded company allows us to stay absolutely focused on our mission of facilitating long-term success of individual investors, and allows us to align our success with the success of real estate investors, not venture capital investors.

For Self-management

We focus on helping self-managing landlords to save time and management fees while maintaining lifestyle freedom. We do practice what we preach, and our founders continue to self-manage rental properties to this day on the side of running the company. Through PortfolioBay, we strive to make self-management easier and scalable for everyone.

PortfolioBay Team