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Rental property investing in Madison, WI

Jan 24 2023

Madison, Wisconsin is a vibrant and growing city with a diverse population and a strong economy. As a result, rental property investing can be a profitable and rewarding venture for those who are interested in investing in the area.

Eviction for a self-managing landlord

Jan 24 2023

Eviction can be a difficult and stressful process for any landlord, but it can be especially challenging for self-managing landlords who may not have the same resources or support as larger property management companies. However, by understanding the legal process and being prepared, self-managing l...

Rental property investing in Milwaukee, WI

Jan 24 2023

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is a city with a strong rental market, making it an attractive destination for rental property investors. The city has a diverse economy, a growing population, and a…

Fixed-rate vs Variable-rate for rental property investing

Jan 22 2023

When it comes to financing a rental property, there are two main options: a fixed-rate mortgage or a variable-rate mortgage. Both have their pros and cons, and the decision between them will depend on a variety of factors, including the investor’s goals, risk tolerance, and overall financial situati...

What is live-in flip

Jan 20 2023

The live-in flip strategy is a popular method of real estate investing where an investor purchases a fixer-upper property, lives in it while making renovations and improvements, and then sells it for a profit. This strategy can be a great way for investors to gain hands-on experience in the renovati...

What is cash-on-cash return

Jan 20 2023

Cash-on-cash return is a measure of the cash income generated by a real estate investment property compared to the cash invested. It is an important metric for real estate investors to consider when evaluating the potential profitability of a property. In this blog post, we will discuss the basics o...

Why new real estate investor should consider house hacking

Jan 18 2023

House hacking is a strategy in which an individual purchases a property and rents out a portion of it in order to offset their housing expenses. This can be done by purchasing a multi-unit property, such as a duplex or triplex, or by purchasing a single-family home and renting out rooms. The benefit...

How to prescreen prospective tenants?

Jan 17 2023

Prescreening prospective tenants is essential to reduce your overall turnover time commitment while still getting the best tenant possible. A quick phone call or a short survey can quickly filter out prospects that are either not eligible or aren’t a good fit (typically due to timing). So, in this a...

Landlord Accounting Basics – Basic Approach

Jan 9 2023

Managing rental properties is no different from running a small business, and it’s crucial to get the bookkeeping and accounting processes right, especially for self-managing landlords. The minimum bookkeeping standards should meet the IRS bookkeeping requirements for compliance. In addition to bein...

Should I self-manage rental properties?

Jan 3 2023

If your goal is to stay passive and hands-free, using a property management service would be a reasonable choice. If your goal is to become financially independent and successful in the long run, self-managing rental properties are essential. In this article, we discuss the real value proposition of...