Top 10 Property Management Software for Self-managing Landlords in 2023


If you’re a small landlord, managing a rental property can be a challenging task. From screening potential tenants, collecting rent, managing maintenance requests, to tracking expenses, there are many things to keep track of. Thankfully, property management software can help simplify the process and make it easier to manage your properties. In this article, we will review the 10 best property management software for small landlords in 2023.

1. PortfolioBay

PortfolioBay stands distinct from other software, uniquely catering to self-managing landlords. It offers hybrid property management solutions by merging automated software tools with on-demand onsite services. This blend not only streamlines tasks like payment, expense tracking, and turnover management, but also offers hands-on assistance in urgent scenarios when landlords can’t be present.

Compared with full property management service, where landlords incur recurring management fees, PortfolioBay run the pay-per-usage model for onsite services. This model ensures more flexibility and cost-effectiveness than purely self-managing or hiring a full-time property manager. On the software, PortfolioBay provides comprehensive solutions for lease agreements, rent collections, property showings, and rental applications, expense tracking, and so on. Its unmatched features include a receipt scanner that swiftly digitizes paper receipts, simplifying bookkeeping.

Tailored specifically for individual real estate investors, PortfolioBay zeroes in on the unique needs of self-managing landlords, rather than catering to both landlords and property managers. It supports the entire real estate investment journey, from sourcing properties and deal analysis to management and insights extraction.

2. TenantCloud –

TenantCloud stands out as a leading property management software tailored specifically for small landlords. This comprehensive solution empowers property owners with a plethora of features that streamline their rental operations. Users can effortlessly list their rental properties, ensuring they reach a broader audience. Furthermore, its built-in tenant screening tool ensures that landlords get the most reliable tenants for their properties. Through TenantCloud, landlords can conveniently collect rent online, efficiently manage maintenance requests, and systematically track all property-related expenses. One of its standout features is its intuitive mobile app, which lets landlords manage their properties anytime, anywhere. With cost-effective pricing, TenantCloud offers a standard plan starting at just $9 per month, while those seeking more advanced features can opt for the $35 monthly plan.

3. Avail –

Avail stands out as one of the pioneering platforms in the property tech industry, boasting a long-standing reputation. Given its tenure, it’s not surprising that it commands significant popularity among landlords and property managers. However, potential users should note that while its pedigree is rich, its interface may seem somewhat outdated, with some user experiences feeling less modern compared to newer platforms. Avail offers a myriad of indispensable features: from advertising rental properties to screening potential tenants using customizable questionnaires. Furthermore, landlords can effortlessly request comprehensive background checks, draft and execute state-specific leases, and even facilitate online rent collection. Impressively, the software offers these features at no cost for an unlimited number of units. However, for those looking to harness more advanced capabilities, an upgrade to ‘Unlimited Plus’ is available, packed with additional premium features designed to simplify property management even further.

4. Doorloop

Doorloop is a cutting-edge property management software tailored to cater to the needs of both property managers and small landlords. As a comprehensive platform, it provides a myriad of features that streamline the management of leases, ensure timely payments, and simplify tenant turnover processes. One of its strengths lies in its pricing structure, starting at an affordable rate of $49 per month for its basic features. Alongside its monthly pricing, Doorloop also has a nominal one-time fee associated with bank account setup and any failed ACH transfers. While the software boasts features that are invaluable for property managers, its pricing and feature sets seem especially optimized for those managing fewer properties, making it more apt for smaller property managers as compared to individual small landlords. With Doorloop, property management is made efficient and cost-effective.

5. Cozy

Cozy is a leading, user-friendly property management software tailored for landlords and property managers. This free platform streamlines various property management tasks such as collecting rent online, effectively screening potential tenants, and promptly managing maintenance requests. Notably, Cozy boasts a versatile feature enabling users to amplify their reach by sharing rental listings across multiple prominent websites. This amplifies visibility, potentially filling vacancies faster. While many of its features come at no cost, users should be aware that some specialized services, especially those involving tenant credit reports and comprehensive background checks, are accompanied by nominal fees. Opt for Cozy and elevate your property management experience.

6. Hemlane

Hemlane is a top-tier property management software tailored for small landlords seeking comprehensive and efficient solutions. Designed with user-friendly features, this software allows landlords to effortlessly list their rental properties, ensuring they reach a wider audience. In addition, its robust tenant screening process assures you get reliable occupants. One of the notable highlights of Hemlane is its seamless rent collection system, mitigating the challenges of payments and dues. Furthermore, managing maintenance requests becomes a breeze, ensuring your tenants are always satisfied. Property owners can also meticulously track expenses, optimizing profitability. What’s more, for landlords on the move, Hemlane offers a highly-intuitive mobile app, ensuring you can manage your properties anytime, anywhere. Affordably priced, the software’s packages start at just $35 per month, catering to portfolios with up to 10 units. Consider Hemlane to revolutionize your property management experience.

7. Landlord Studio

Landlord Studio is a premier property management software tailored specifically for the needs of small landlords and property owners. With a comprehensive suite of tools, users can effortlessly manage tenant applications, draft and store lease agreements, facilitate rent collection, address maintenance requests, and handle property-related accounting tasks. One of its standout features is its intuitive mobile app, which empowers landlords to manage their properties efficiently while on the move. Whether you’re a beginner landlord or an experienced property manager, this software streamlines the entire process, ensuring that property management is hassle-free. Furthermore, with competitive pricing options that start at just $15 per month for up to five units, Landlord Studio ensures high-quality services at a cost-effective rate. Opt for Landlord Studio to modernize your property management strategy.

8. Rentec Direct

Rentec Direct stands out as a leading property management software tailored specifically for the unique needs of small landlords. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools, ensuring property owners can easily list their rental assets, meticulously screen potential tenants, securely collect rent online, efficiently manage maintenance requests, and diligently track all property-related expenses. What sets Rentec Direct further apart is its intuitive mobile app, which empowers landlords to handle property management tasks anytime, anywhere. With pricing that’s both competitive and transparent, starting at just $35 per month, landlords can manage up to 10 units effortlessly. If you’re seeking an all-in-one solution to streamline your rental property operations, Rentec Direct should be your top choice.

9. Buildium

Buildium is a leading property management software tailored specifically for the needs of small landlords and property managers. This comprehensive platform offers an extensive array of features, allowing users to seamlessly manage tenant applications, oversee lease agreements, streamline rent collection, handle maintenance requests, and even delve into accounting tasks, all within a singular, user-friendly interface. Recognizing the need for mobility in today’s fast-paced world, Buildium also offers a robust mobile app, ensuring property managers can efficiently manage their properties anytime, anywhere. Moreover, its competitive pricing structure is designed to cater to various needs, starting at just $50 per month for portfolios with up to 50 units. If you’re seeking a unified solution to optimize your property management tasks, Buildium might be the perfect choice.

10. Propertyware

Propertyware is a leading property management software tailored specifically for the needs of small landlords and property owners. This comprehensive platform provides a robust suite of features including managing tenant applications, drafting and storing lease agreements, streamlining rent collection, efficiently handling maintenance requests, and simplifying accounting tasks. What makes Propertyware stand out is its integrated mobile app, enabling landlords to manage their properties on the go, ensuring they never miss a beat. With a transparent pricing model, Propertyware offers unbeatable value, starting at just $1 per unit per month. If you’re seeking a holistic solution to optimize your property management tasks, Propertyware should be at the top of your list.

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Chad Gipson

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