Should I self-manage rental properties?


If you’re aiming for a hands-free approach to real estate, a property management service might be your best bet. However, for those striving for financial independence and long-term success, mastering self-management of rental properties is crucial. Dive into this comprehensive guide where we uncover the core benefits of property management services and how they align with your needs as a landlord. Equip yourself with the knowledge to make the right choice for your property management journey.

Property manager’s pitch: what’s your time worth?

The right question to ponder is, ‘How much more do I earn than my property manager?’ The reason is straightforward: if you’re earning considerably more, it becomes economical to outsource property management, thereby freeing up your invaluable time. Interestingly, many soon realize that property managers too have a substantial income.

So, where’s the gap? Why is it that an efficient property manager can manage properties on a broader scale than most landlords? Unraveling this mystery is crucial for every property owner.

Instead of pondering over the earnings, introspect: ‘Is my property management system inefficient, or do I genuinely earn significantly more than my property manager to justify delegation?’ Many landlords stumble upon the revelation that inefficiencies in their processes are the culprits eating up their time. By streamlining these processes, landlords could potentially elevate their hourly earnings to a bracket of $50-100, outshining many mainstream jobs.

The secret behind a property manager’s ability to handle vast portfolios lies in their arsenal of advanced tools and refined processes. These innovations automate tasks landlords often handle manually, combined with a deeper understanding of the leasing cycle and compliance regulations.

How to self-managing rental properties efficiently

For landlords who prefer self-management, a range of automation tools exists that can simplify tasks ranging from payments to compliance. These innovative software solutions empower individual landlords, making the management of rental properties more scalable than ever.

Hybrid Solution: self-management with on-demand onsite service

Property management has evolved beyond the traditional choices of self-management and full-service management. There’s no longer a binary decision for landlords, especially in the thriving mid-west rental market. PortfolioBay has led the way in introducing a hybrid approach, seamlessly blending self-management software automation with on-demand onsite management. This innovative solution provides landlords unmatched flexibility, fitting their personal schedules, and promises significant cost savings compared to conventional property management services.

Self-management makes you a better investor

There is no shortcut to success. And for those who look to become financially independent through rental property investing, not only does the extra 30%-40% cash flow self-managing properties get you to your goal faster, but it also provides you with the understanding and perspective of running a rental portfolio and makes you more likely to succeed in the long run.


Meng Chen

Founder at PortfolioBay